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Kerry’s lecture for Magicians includes original sleights, rope manipulations, practical applications and anecdotes about Dai Vernon, Tony Giorgio, Charlie Miller, Billy McComb, Senator Crandall, Mike Caldwell, Jules Lenier, Bill Chaudet!

Kerry Ross has not only spent the past 30+ years as a professional Comedian, Magician and Actor but, as one of the original 25 Magic Castle “Junior” Magicians, practically “grew up” at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

He’s created a wide variety of magic effects, props and routines used by others (including his original “Comedy Straitjacket Escape”), and used that magical creativity as a long-time Technical Advisor to the television and film community.

Kerry’s insight into what works, as well as all of the great stories that he shares, are all reasons why you’ll want him to lecture for you!

Here's just some of what Kerry has done within the magic community:

t One of the original 25 “Magic Castle Juniors.”
t Contributing Writer to MAGIC Magazine and M.U.M.
t Featured in Genii and M.U.M Magazines.
t Recipient of numerous Magic Awards.
t Creator of his (often imitated) Comedy Straightjacket Escape Act, as well as many other routines.
t Magic Trainer to many top celebrities and corporate executives.
t Past Member of the Board of Directors – S.A.M. International Hall of Fame & Magic Museum.
t Past Member of the Board – S.A.M. Assembly #22 (Hollywood, CA).
t S.A.M. Official at the 1976 Houdini Star (Hollywood Walk of Fame).
t Former Scout Advisor for the Wondrous Order of Wizards (Explorer Post 1313E – “The Magic Post”).
t Former adult Sponsor of the Magic Castle Juniors.
t Co-Founder of the original Magic Castle Softball Team (1980’s).
t Producer of numerous shows and banquets for Magic Clubs.
t Voice Actor for many performers and shows, including “Mr. Electric” and “Le Sorcery” (A John Thompson production show).
t Building Assistant to famed Illusionist Chuck Jones.

Kerry's Stage and "Close-up" performances include Network Television, Cruise Ships, Trade Shows and Conventions, International Revue Shows and more!